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Tired of having to leave the safety and comfort of your personal space to access medical imaging? Our convenient concierge service brings diagnostic imaging right to your door!

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We provide mobile X-ray, ultrasound and other non-invasive diagnostic evaluations. We serve clients at home, work, all medical and long-term care facilities, correctional facilities, sporting events, government institutions and industrial sites. See full list.

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    Your Frequently Asked Questions

    What is mobile imaging?

    Mobile imaging gives you the option of having the imaging equipment you need where you need it. We bring comprehensive X-ray and ultrasound services directly to medical facilities, homes and businesses. It is generally cheaper and faster than traditional services at fixed locations.

    What devices do you use for imaging?

    The machines we use to obtain X-rays and ultrasounds are state-of-the-art, portable, very lightweight, medical Imaging Systems that are battery-powered! Even if there’s a power outage where you are, we will still be able to successfully complete your imaging appointment.

    What services do you provide?

    DR Xray Company Limited is the premier mobile diagnostic imaging provider in Trinidad and Tobago. We provide mobile X-ray, ultrasound and other non-invasive diagnostic evaluations to clients at home and work and at correctional and industrial sites.

    Are your services for me?

    Our mobile services offer an easily accessible alternative to a wide cross-section of users and are adaptable to various uses. Our model is ideal for limited mobility clients, clients who do not want to risk exposure to infectious diseases, entire teams at construction or industrial sites, doctors who would like immediate imaging results of their patients in-office, or as a matter of convenience, professionals who would prefer a home or office visit, and so many more! We provide high-quality medical diagnostic images to clients in a familiar environment.

    How do I request an appointment?

    You may complete the Appointment Request form above, call us at (868) 394 9729, email drxrayco@gmail.com directly, or click the “Request an Appointment” button on any other page of this website. 

    What is your service area?

    Our coverage is nationwide.

    Do I have any documents to submit before my appointment?

    Yes, when requesting an X-ray or ultrasound, you’d need to take a clear photo of your referral for medical imaging and upload it, along with your appointment request, using the contact form above. 

    What is the cost of medical imaging?

    That will differ depending on the type of medical imaging (X-ray or ultrasound) and exam requested. 

    What is a radiographer?

    Radiographers are healthcare professionals who specialise in the imaging of the human body for the diagnosis and treatment of various medical conditions.

    What is a sonographer?

    A sonographer is a healthcare professional who specialises in the use of ultrasonic imaging devices to produce diagnostic images, scans, and videos of the human anatomy to diagnose and treat various medical conditions.

    Our Services

    Mobile X-rays

    For clients with limited mobility, who are immunocompromised, or without personal transportation or time, we come to you fully equipped to provide expert on-site care in the comfort of your home or workplace.

    Mobile Ultrasounds

    For expectant mothers on bed rest or clients eager to limit their risk of exposure to infections in traditional medical facilities, we provide convenient on-site imaging services.

    Occupational Health

    For employees at various industrial and construction sites as well as employees and inmates at correctional facilities, we offer mobile X-ray services that help managers meet Health and Safety Policy requirements.

    Service Locations

    We serve clients at home, work, all medical and long-term care facilities, correctional facilities, sporting events, government institutions and industrial sites.  See full list here.

    Secure Data Storage

    We use the most advanced high-speed equipment to deliver fast results and securely store your data electronically.

    Easy Payments

    Our mobile teams complete transactions on-site using electronic point-of-sale devices with no extra fees.

    On-Call 24/7

    We understand that emergencies are unpredictable, and are here for you no matter the hour.

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